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Namibian Professor Analyzes US Election

A Namibian political scientist with the University of Namibia, Andre du Pisani, says many Africans hope President Bush’s second administration will practice greater multilateralism with regard to the continent’s regional organizations – like SADC, the Southern Africa Development Community.

Mr. du Pisani is a professor of politics at the University of Namibia in Windhoek. In an interview with English to Africa reporter William Eagle, he said he would also like the United States to offer continuing support for the initiatives of the Africa Union.

The Namibian analyst says many Africans see the US as acting unilaterally, or being what he called “the moral policeman of the world.” Professor du Pisani says he was not surprised that President Bush was re-elected because he says Mr. Bush successfully defined the agenda: the war on terrorism, the state of the economy and moral issues.

But the professor says he was disappointed that the campaigns did not speak more about issues of interest to Africa, such as the environment, world trade, international debt and global security.

Professor du Pisani adds that Africans do support many of President Bush’s African initiatives, such as the Millennium Challenge Accounts, which provide greater foreign assistance to democratic countries that are well governed and administrative initiatives to promote greater trade with the United States. He says he hopes these initiatives will continue.

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