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US Researcher Claims to Locate Lost City of Atlantis


A U.S. researcher claims he has found the legendary lost city Atlantis, saying it lies under the seas between Cyprus and Syria.

At a news conference Sunday, researcher Robert Samast said he has discovered a mound with man-made structures on it some one-and-a-half kilometers below sea-level, 80 kilometers off the coast of Cyprus. Mr. Samast says sonar images reveal a 3-kilometer-long wall, a walled hill summit, and deep trenches.

He concedes he cannot yet provide tangible proof in the form of artifacts, but describes the evidence so far as "irrefutable".

There have been competing theories on where or whether Atlantis existed. Some historians speculate it could have been destroyed by flooding in the Mediterranean some 10,000 years ago.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters and AFP.