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Polish Woman Freed in Iraq

A Polish woman kidnapped in Iraq has been freed, and she says her captors treated her well during her three-week ordeal.

Teresa Borcz Khalifa spoke to reporters Saturday in the Polish capital, Warsaw, alongside Prime Minister Marek Belka.

Mr. Belka did not give details of her release, except to say that officials from different government agencies worked with other countries to free her.

The 54-year-old Mrs. Khalifa is married to an Iraqi and has lived in Baghdad for 30 years. She was kidnapped October 27.

Meanwhile, the Arab driver of two French reporters kidnapped last August in Iraq has arrived in France with his family. The man was rescued from a house in Fallujah last week by U.S. Marines. French authorities granted the family permission to live in France. The fate of the two journalists is still not known.

Some information provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.