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Partial Ugandan Ceasefire Said To Be Quietly Extended


In Uganda, the seven-day partial ceasefire expired on Tuesday, and there appears to be little evidence of progress toward peace.

The government and the Lord’s Resistence Army have been fighting for nearly 20 years. During that time, several peace efforts have failed. The recent ceasefire was only for a small area near the Sudanese border to allow LRA officials to enter the country to renew the peace process.

English to Africa reporter Herbert Were is following developments from Kampala and spoke to Joe De Capua about the effect of the ceasefire. He says although there’s been no official announcement of an extension of the ceasefire, an army official told him it has been “quietly” extended to December 3rd. However, so far, it appears only rank and file members of the LRA have crossed into Uganda, not the top officials.

Also, Were reports the army says there continue to be clashes with the LRA outside the ceasefire zone, and that the rebels continue to raid villages or camps for food and other supplies.