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China Mine Blast Kills 25, 141 Still Trapped

An explosion at a coal mine in northern China has killed at least 25 miners and left more than 100 others trapped.

The official Xinhua news agency says 141 miners are still underground at the state-run Chenjiashan coal mine, while 127 escaped. Many have been hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cause of the early-Sunday explosion is still under investigation.

News media broadcast images of the mine's entrance with black smoke billowing out. Friends and relatives have gathered near the mine entrance to await news.

China's mines are the world's deadliest, with thousands of deaths every year caused by explosions, fires, cave-ins and flooding. Mine blasts in Henan province killed 148 miners in October and another 33 earlier this month.

Some information provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.