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Ukraine's Opposition Pulls Out of Talks with Prime Minister

The opposition in Ukraine has pulled out of talks with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych over last week's disputed presidential election.

The announcement came amid continued massive opposition protests over charges of widespread fraud after Mr. Yanukovych was declared the winner in the November 21st vote.

The Supreme Court is considering complaints from Mr. Yanukovych's challenger, Viktor Yushchenko.

Opposition supporters tried to force their way into parliament as lawmakers met Tuesday, but police pushed them back.

President Bush says he phoned Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski today and discussed Ukraine. He told a news conference in Ottawa, Canada, that the will of the Ukrainian people must prevail.

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana flew to Ukraine to mediate. Mr. Kwasniewski is expected there Wednesday.

Also, the governor Anatoliy Bliznyuk of Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region says his area will hold a referendum on self-rule within two months, not this Sunday as had been expected.

Some of this information provided by AP, Reuters and AFP.