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Indian Cricket Team Captain Fined in Dispute with Umpire

Indian cricket team captain Saurav Ganguly has been fined 30 percent of his match fee for dissenting with an umpire's decision in India's second test match against South Africa in Calcutta.

Ganguly argued with the umpires after an appeal for a catch was turned down during Wednesday's play. The Indian captain was saying that South Africa's Jacques Kallis should have been out after a ball deflected off his bat into the hands of an Indian fielder.

The Indian captain and several players showed their disappointment with the call. Television replays showed that the umpires incorrectly rejected the appeal.

The International Cricket Council's Code of Conduct defines dissent as showing excessive or obvious disappointment at an umpire's decision, or with the umpire making the decision. A level one offense can cost a player a reprimand and up to 50 percent of his match fee.