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Ghana Awaits Official Election Results

People in Ghana are closely following the vote counting after Tuesday's election, with final results expected late Wednesday.

After waiting patiently in line Tuesday to cast votes in their fourth consecutive democratic election, many Ghanaians are huddling around handheld radios or sitting in front of television sets checking the latest results. In front of one upscale hotel, the doorman holds a radio to his ear with one hand and continues to open the door with his free hand. Ghanaians say they are proud to be a stable democracy in the politically turbulent region of West Africa.

Official results from Tuesday's presidential and parliamentary election are slowly being announced, as local media outlets maintain their around the clock coverage.

The majority of the 21,000 polling stations have completed their provisional counts of the ballots, but many of the polling agents have not yet signed the tally sheets, which has delayed the reporting of official results.

As expected, the race for the presidency has come down to incumbent John Kufuor and opposition candidate John Evans Atta Mills. President Kufuor is in the lead, and many international observers say he will likely win his second and final four-year term.

By law, the official results must be announced within three days after the polls close, but they are expected much sooner.