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NBA: Iverson Leads 76ers to Victory Over Milwaukee Bucks


Philadelphia's Allen Iverson scored a National Basketball Association season-high 54 points to lead his 76ers to a 116-97 thumping of the Milwaukee Bucks.

In nine years in the NBA, Iverson has scored 50 points or more in a regular season game seven times, and three times in the play-offs. His career-high is 58 points in one game. Iverson's performance Saturday in Milwaukee tops a 53-point game earlier this month by Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki.

Nowitzki scored 15 points and made 12 rebounds Saturday in the Mavs' 90-68 win over the visiting Atlanta Hawks, despite having his two front teeth knocked out in an on-court collision with teammate Jason Terry.

The Phoenix Suns solidified their position as the top team in the NBA after defeating the Washington Wizards 110-96. Shawn Marion had a season-high 36 points and 14 boards to lead the Suns at home. Phoenix leads the league with 21 wins against only three losses.

Portland's Darius Miles hit the game-winning free throw with one-half second to go as the Trail Blazers slipped past the NBA defending champion Detroit Pistons 75-74. Nick Van Exel led the Blazers in Detroit with 14 points.

Other NBA winners Saturday were the Bobcats, Magic, Celtics, Bulls, and Spurs.

The expansion Charlotte Bobcats held off Houston to edge the Rockets 101-100. The Orlando Magic snapped a three game skid with a 117-95 rout of the Denver Nuggets, and the Boston Celtics won 114-107 in overtime against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Chicago Bulls beat the Indiana Pacers 85-71 and the San Antonio Spurs crushed the Golden State Warriors 104-85.

Some information provided by Reuters and AFP.