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Death Toll Rises In Africa From Weekend Tsunami

Scores of people have died in tidal waves that hit Africa's eastern
coast after Sunday's massive earthquake in southern Asia.

Aid workers and one Somali official say around 50 people are reported
dead in northeastern Somalia. But some reports put the death toll at
more than 100.

A Somali government spokesman says some coastal towns are submerged, and
dozens of fishermen are missing.

In Tanzania, officials say at least 10 swimmers died when they were
swept out to sea Sunday near the beach at Dar es Salaam. Police say
most of the dead are children.

And further east, at least two people were killed in the island nation
of Seychelles. Several others are reported missing.

One tourist was killed in the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi.

Sunday's massive waves also left parts of the Mauritian island of
Rodrigues under water.