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Satisfaction, Skepticism Greet Ukraine Election Result

The European Union and several of its member states have congratulated Viktor Yushchenko on his victory in the Ukrainian presidential election.

In a letter to Mr. Yushchenko Tuesday, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder expressed optimism that Ukraine will continue what he called its transition toward the rule of law and a market economy.

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus congratulated Mr. Yushchenko in a telephone conversation.

In Paris, the foreign ministry said France and its European Union partners are determined to support democracy and modernization in Ukraine. The EU's Dutch presidency, meanwhile, urged Ukrainians to work to maintain the country's internal cohesion.

Meanwhile, Russia has questioned the objectivity of monitors for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. That organization characterized last month's presidential election re-run as flawed, while saying that Sunday's poll vastly improved upon the last vote.

Russia backed Mr. Yushchenko's opponent