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South African Survivors of Tsunami Return Home


Up to five thousand South African tourists are said to be among those caught up in the earthquake and tidal wave in Southeast Asia last week-end. News reports say 16 South Africans are still missing – 14 who were Indonesia and two on holiday in India.

On Wednesday, the South African government officially brought back 65 South Africans on a flight sponsored by several medical services and the South African Jewish Board. Others - who are still in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India - have reported to their families that they are all right and will be returning soon.

Graeme Hosken is a reporter for the Pretoria News covering the rescue effort. He told English to Africa reporter William Eagle there has been an impressive response to the crisis by South Africa’s civil society and business community. He also talked to some of the returnees. Many, he said, barely survived, while others are described as heroes.