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Somalia Tsunami Death Toll At Least 114, About 30,000 Displaced

The death toll in Somalia now stands at 114, with about 30 thousand people displaced. However, the figures are based on a partial assessment of the country, following Sunday's tsunami.

El Balla Hagona, the UNDP country director and acting humanitarian director for Somalia, says it'll be a few more days more before the full extent of the wave's impact is known. For instance, he says interim Somali government officials have told him that they do not know the fate of inhabitants on 16 small coastal islands.

Mr. Hagona says Somalia differs from many of the other countries affected because it has no working government within the country, and that UN and other agencies are "filling the vacuum." He also says also says there is "an absolute lack of any indigenous capacity for assessment and response."

Mr. Hagona spoke from Nairobi to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua.