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Prayers Continue at Indonesia's Mosques Amid Tsunami Devastation

As relief efforts continue in Indonesia's Aceh Province, residents struggle to return to normal life after last month's earthquake and tsunami destroyed whole communities.

It's midday, on Friday, and the Friday prayers are about to begin at the Grand Mosque in central Banda Aceh. The faithful are gathering. This is only the second time that Friday prayers have been held since the devastating earthquake and tsunami nearly three weeks ago.

The area around the mosque has been cleared of debris but in the central market area, that is the older Banda Aceh, the streets are still littered with rubbish, the shops are filled with debris and there are still large ponds in parts of the neighborhood.

Nevertheless, the clearing continues. But relief volunteers are still pulling out hundreds of bodies a day from the surrounding areas and many people are still without significant amounts of food and supplies.