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German Lawmakers Seek EU Ban on Nazi Symbols

Outrage over an incident in Britain, where Prince Harry wore a swastika armband on his military uniform at a costume party, has prompted German lawmakers to call on all European countries to outlaw the display of Nazi-era symbols.

A German member of the European Parliament, Silvana Koch-Merin, says Nazi crimes caused suffering throughout Europe, so the swastika and all other symbols of the German fascist regime should be banned.

Germany already forbids the public display of Nazi-era symbols. Ms. Koch-Merin, a senior member of the liberal bloc in the Euro-Parliament, is asking the European Commission to consider similar action at the next meeting of justice ministers from EU member states.

Markus Soeder, the head of Germany's opposition conservative party, the Christian Social Union, and other political figures are quoted in German news reports Sunday as saying symbols of the Nazi regime arouse hatred and should not be tolerated anywhere in free Europe.