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Somali Officials Discuss Relocation of Government

Somalia’s transitional federal government – currently based in Nairobi, Kenya -- presented its plans today for relocating to Somalia. It intends to begin its move on February 21st. The plans were announced in Nairobi at the third meeting of the interim government and the Coordination and Monitoring Committee, which was created to help the government and the international community work together to rebuild the country.

Co-chairing the meeting were the prime minister of the interim government, Ali Mohammad Gedi, and Babafemi Badejo, the acting representative of the UN Political Office for Somalia. Mr. Badejo told English to Africa reporter William Eagle that it will cost about 69 million dollars to move from Kenya to Somalia. That includes the cost of setting up local administrations to help promote reconciliation, including the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of militia. They will also help with the training of a police force.

Still under debate is whether the government will return to the old capital Mogadishu, which is the site of numerous armed factions. or a more secure location like Badoa, which is not far from the border with Ethiopia. Mr. Badejo said in today's discussion, the prime minister favored returning to Mogadishu.