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Do Pheromones Hold the Key to Sexual Attraction?

The key to sexual attraction may be pheromones -- airborne chemicals secreted from the body that are known to alter behavior.

A Harvard University researcher recently conducted a study that added a pheromone found in younger women to the perfume of older women and found it enhanced their love lives. The mystery chemical is called pheromone 10:13, it's not on sale yet, but it might be soon.

The experiment had older women wear a special perfume enhanced with a secret ingredient -- a chemical compound called pheromone 10:13. And where does pheromone 10:13 come from? Believe it or not it was found and extracted from the armpit perspiration of younger women.

Several older women remarked in dismay. It may not sound so sweet, but apparently it works.

According to the study this new pheromone-enhanced scent helped some older women attract men. Forty-one percent reported more kissing and affection with partners. Sixty-eight percent reported even better results.

For some women the idea of a male-luring scent has the sweet smell of success. One woman said, "I think it's great, after all you guys got viagra [a drug that treats erectile dysfunction] so it's time we got something."

It's long been assumed love springs only from the heart and soul, but it looks like there may be one more part of the body to add to that list.