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Ray Charles Wins Posthumous Grammy for Album of the Year


The late Ray Charles was an eight-time winner at the 47th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday, including the prestigious Album of the Year award.

Genius Loves Company - the final studio album by Charles - featured the musical legend in a series of duets with fellow singers. The album was released shortly after Charles died last June at the age of 73. One of the songs on the album - "Here We Go Again" - earned Record of the Year honors. Joining Charles in the duet was singer Norah Jones.

The pop rock group Maroon 5 won the Best New Artist award, while singer-songwriter John Mayer won the Song of the Year award for writing the song "Daughters".

Other major artists who won Grammies were the Irish rock group U2, R&B singers Alicia Keys and Usher, rapper Kanye West, and former Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson.