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Terrorism Suspects in Kenya Said to Have Links to Journalist's Murder in Somalia


A French News Agency Tuesday reported that three terrorism suspects arrested in Kenya recently could have had links to the murder of a journalist in Somalia earlier this month. Two of the three suspects have been released.

An unnamed senior Kenyan police officer told Agence France-Presse that the three had documents detailing the February 9 shooting of British Broadcasting Corporation journalist Kate Peyton at the time of their arrest last weekend.

The official said the suspects also had documents indicating they had been specially trained to carry out suicide attacks.

The suspects - two Kenyans and a Sudanese - crossed the border into Kenya from Somalia Saturday night, claiming that they were aid workers. Police apprehended the trio after they had forgotten their incriminating documents at the police post.

Kenyan police said they released the Kenyans after questioning them, but kept the Sudanese suspect in custody.

According to police, there was not enough evidence against the two suspects to keep them in custody. They said the Sudanese might be charged with immigration offenses.