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Loonatics: Looney Tunes Reinventing Bugs Bunny

(Video narrated by Charlene Sarmiento)

The well-known American cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, is saying, "That's all folks!" to the generations who grew up with him. That's because Bugs, Road Runner, and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang are getting a new look, even new names.

This is Buzz Bunny, you heard it right, BUZZ Bunny. He is the "reimagined" Bugs Bunny. As a martial arts expert with laser vision, Buzz is now the new face of the Warner Brothers cartoons.

The new series, "LOONATICS" gives "extreme makeovers" to each character. The Road Runner, Daffy, the Tazmanian Devil, have all been "updated" for the next generation of young viewers.

For those of you who don't quite catch the resemblance, here's the classic Bugs we all remember (left). President of Warner Brothers Animation Sander Schwarts says a change was needed. “What we're doing is taking Bugs Bunny, a classic, and changing him for the kids - making him fresh, cool, and hip."

For those who aren't convinced that change is good, remember Mickey Mouse started out back in 1928 as Steamboat Willie. Years later, he was transformed to the most famous mouse in the world.

"LOONATICS," starring Buzz Bunny and friends will be set in the year 2772, and according to Warner Brothers, they will display the same wit and humor as the classic cartoons. But for the parents out there who still love the classic Bugs, he will still be around.