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Somali Leaders' Return Home Delayed

Somalia's Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Gedi has postponed a visit to his homeland. Some press reports say the trip was delayed because the government had not been able to obtain aircraft capable of landing in Somalia's various airstrips.

But Yusef Omar Azhari, the legal and political advisor President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, says the delegation is waiting for some parliamentarians to return to Nairobi from Rome today (Wednesday) before leaving for Mogadishu in the next few days. The president and prime minister are expected to tour Somalia as part of an effort to relocate the interim government from neighboring Kenya. Military experts from several African nations have already been in Somalia to assess the security situation ahead of a proposed peacekeeping mission.

Mr. Azhari told VOA reporter William Eagle that he expects the government to be completely relocated from Nairobi, Kenya to Somalia by March 20th