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Parents of Jailed Terrorism Suspect Angered by Access Rules

The parents of a man charged with plotting to kill the president of the United States say the U.S. government is restricting their communications with their son.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali's parents are complaining that the only way they can see their son is in the presence of an FBI agent and only if they speak in English and agree not to share anything he tells them with the media.

U.S. Justice Department officials say the procedures are standard and aimed at preventing jailed terrorism suspects from passing coded messages on to outside accomplices.

Mr. Abu Ali was arrested in Saudi Arabia in June, 2003. Saudi authorities held him for 20 months before returning him to U.S. custody earlier this week. His family says he was tortured while in Saudi custody.

Prosecutors say that Mr. Abu Ali and a Saudi associate discussed plans to shoot President Bush on the street or to detonate a bomb near him.