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New 2005 Cars Display Energy Saving Innovations


In a world of increasing pollution and high energy prices, many motor vehicle companies are devoting themselves to technological research. Some major corporations like Ford have worked on hybrid vehicles. Companies such as GM have unveiled fuel cell cars. However, hybrid and fuel cell innovation are not the only technological advances. In addition to fuel cells and hybrids, there is the zero-pollution concept of the 3CC car, introduced by the Sweden-based Monitoring and Concept Center of Ford Company.

"This car has dimensions and looks similar to a two-seater sports coupe. But, this sports car packs a surprise," says Lars Eric Lundin,. General Manager of the Ford Company.

The 3CC runs on batteries. Although it is completely electric, its maximum speed is 137 kilometers per hour, and it can go from zero to 100 kilomers in ten seconds. Under certain conditions, the 3CC is capable of a 290-kilometer journey on a single charge. But what may really matter to some consumers is that it is 100 percent clean.

For now, however, hybrid cars are the most practical energy saving vehicles. Honda unveiled its Accord hybrid. The world's first 6-cylinder hybrid has 255 horsepower and gets about 15 kilometers per liter.

The Escape won the award at this year's Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Ford's gasoline-electic hybrid SUV Escape is the world's first hybrid 6-cylinder SUV. It is the cleanest and most fuel efficient SUV on the road. The Escape gets about 13 to 18 kilometers to the liter in city driving.

The car that has had the most attention is neither a hybrid nor a fuel cell automobile. Chrysler's 300 won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award. The popular American magazine, "Car and Driver" earmarked it as the best sedan for 2005. The Chrysler 300 is every bit an American car in its bold and powerful design. Its top-of-the-line package costs $33,000, which includes a 340-horsepower HEMI 8-cylinder engine, a Mercedes five-speed automatic transmission, heated leather seats, 17-inch chrome wheels, and many other features that are usually found in a $60,000 vehicle.