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The cherry blossoms are in full bloom along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.. They are expected to last for a few more days. It is one of the times tourists and residents enjoy the most in the nation's capital. Kimberly Russell reports.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom, are a spectacular sight, and are for many, they are a sign that spring has arrived. The blossoms begin to expand in late March, and depending on the weather, can bloom in early to mid-April.

The Japanese government gave the first trees to the United States in 1912. Most of the trees surround the area known as the Tidal Basin, land reclaimed from the Potomac River, which is now part of the National Mall.

The National Park Service estimates that as many as one-million people visit the area each year..

Cathy, who lives in nearby Virginia says, "It is interesting to see all the different kinds of people and where they are from and who comes to see this."

Margin Shaper, a tourist from Israel says, "It is what one does this time of year. You cannot come to Washington in the spring and not see the cherry blossoms. They are kind of unpredictable, but this year, they are here at the right time."

To attract more tourists the city of Washington has built a series of events around the blooming, including a festival and a parade.

Once in bloom, the blossoms remain intact for a week or more, unless strong wind gusts or heavy rains tear them from the trees.