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UNHCR Asks Donors for More Support in Resettling Refugees in Southern Sudan


The UN Refugee Agency is calling for more international support to help to resettle millions of internally displaced people and refugees in Sudan. The UNHCR says it needs $60 million this year to begin the return and reintegration operation, but has so far received only $7 million.

Some 550,000 refugees in neighboring countries and an estimated 6.1 million internally displaced people in south Sudan remain uprooted following the decades-long conflict that has left the region in ruins. The conflict in south Sudan was officially brought to an end by the January 9th peace deal between the government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement / Army.

UNHCR spokesman Ron Redmond told English to Africa reporter William Eagle that the money would go to rebuilding the basic infrastructure for returnees, including schools, clinics, wells, and the clearing of land mines. He said in Bor County, the home of 35 thousand refugees, there are no secondary schools. In Yei county, there are only two doctors for nearly 200 thousand residents.