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Black Smoke at Vatican; No New Pope Yet


Black smoke rising from Sistine Chapel
Black smoke has risen from a chimney above the Vatican's , indicating the Roman Catholic Cardinals closed off inside failed to elect a new pope on their first ballot.

The smoke is a sign that no cardinal won a two-thirds majority, or 77 votes, of the 115 cardinals taking part in the secret conclave. The cardinals will continue their deliberations and cast up to four ballots Tuesday to choose a successor to the late Pope John Paul II.

Thousands of faithful had gathered in Saint Peter's Square to await the results.

Earlier Monday, the cardinals entered the chapel in a formal procession then held a brief service at which they pledged to observe the rules of the conclave, including that of secrecy, and to faithfully lead the church if elected pope. They will remain cut off from the world until a new pope is chosen and accepts the life-long appointment.