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What Does it Take to Have a Winning Web Site?


To win in business, companies need a competitive edge. For many, that means creating a presence on the Internet.

Everyday, people click. Scroll. And surf their way across the Internet.

For many it is entertainment. Others use it for information. And for many businesses, the Internet is a vital marketing tool giving millions of customers access to their products with just the click of a mouse.

But the Internet is a competitive environment, where standing out from the competition can spell the difference between financial success and failure.

What does it take to have a winning site?

It requires a great design, strong content and innovations says William Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association, sponsors of the Web Awards. "The Web Awards is an international competition that allows people who develop Web sites to have their sites adjudicated against others in their industry and against a standard of excellence."

In addition to the Web Awards, there are also the International Web Page Awards and the Webby Awards, which recognize outstanding Website development.

For a company looking to make its mark on the Internet, Mr. Rice believes awards are important. "First off, it recognizes the people who are actually building the Website and running the Websites. Secondly, it becomes an excellent marketing opportunity to help you, your customers, prospects, and the rest of the world know how good your Internet efforts are."

And getting noticed is the key to attracting new customers.

Last year more than 1,300 Websites representing 22 countries competed for the prestigious prize. To enter the Web Awards, visit the Web Marketing Association's website at