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High School Students Invent Timesaving Window De-froster

A group of U.S students has invented a timesaving window-defrosting device which has captured the attention of a major electronics company.

Tired of waiting for their car windows to defrost on cold winter mornings, students at Parkview High School in Springfield, Missouri, have created a way to quickly melt the ice.

The automatic window de-froster, when placed on the windshield, uses microwaves that are sent through gaps between the layers of the windshield, activating oxygen molecules to produce heat.

Megan von Strobe, one of the student inventors says, "I have to park outside and so, in the mornings, it takes a long time, and I don't want to be late for school."

Hope Carpenter says the invention is a good idea. "I'll be able to sleep more before I have to go to school in the morning."

The students are taking part in a contest to come up with the most innovative gadget, sponsored by electronics manufacturer, Toshiba.

The winners will get $10,000 and meet President George W. Bush.

In exchange, Toshiba will own the patent to the winning device.

Winners will be announced May 13.