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Ethiopian Government Detains Protesters, Opposition

The streets in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa were deserted Thursday, as troops patrolled the capital one day after security forces fired into groups of protesters, killing at least 26 people. For a second day, shops remained closed and taxi drivers continued their strike in support of protesters, who accuse the government of rigging last month's parliamentary elections.

Ethiopian authorities say troops are enforcing a one-month ban on demonstrations, and they have warned against further protests.

Hundreds of students were arrested during protests against initial election results that showed a majority for the ruling party. Both sides have declared victory.

Several opposition politicians were arrested following the violence, including Lidetu Ayalew, a spokesman for the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy and the secretary general of a group within the CUD, the Ethiopian Democratic Union Party. He told English to Africa reporter William Eagle that he’s been under house arrest in his office for the past day and a half – and not allowed to receive visitors, or food.