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Venezuela Asks US to Hand Over Posada Carriles

Venezuela has handed U.S. officials an extradition request for a Cuban exile who Caracas accuses of bombing a Cuban airliner nearly 30 years ago.

Venezuela's Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez said Wednesday his country is formally asking for the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles, whom he called a "terrorist."

Last month, U.S. officials rejected a Venezuelan request for his arrest, citing a lack of evidence against the Cuban exile who holds Venezuelan citizenship.

Mr. Posada Carriles, a former CIA operative, is currently being held on immigration charges in the United States.

Some 20 years ago, a Venezuelan court acquitted him of a role in the bombing, which killed 73 people. He later escaped from prison while awaiting a new trial.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters, AP.