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Study Shows Fidgeting Can Shed Weight

A recent study indicates you can shed pounds without adding exercise or diet food to your routine. In fact, America's prestigious Mayo Clinic says it is possible to fidget away your fat.

Sensors embedded in study participant Sharon Weiner’s undergarments detect even her smallest movements, 24-hours each day. She says, "It was a little difficult at first, because sleeping in it and everything you do and trying to find clothes to fit over it."

She is one of 20 people who had every movement monitored for 10 days, wearing the undergarments for a Mayo Clinic study on weight.

Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic jokes that, ”I go around the world and people ask me about my underwear." He designed the undergarments. He wanted to see if slim people fidget more than their heavier counterparts, because everything from foot tapping to gum chewing burns calories.

The doctor, who works on his computer while walking on his treadmill, says the key is to avoid sitting still.

Dr. Levine adds, ”In terms of caloric burning, it appears that the type of activity you do throughout the day is more important than going to the gym."

Researchers say if people spend an extra two hours each day on their feet, they could burn an extra 350 calories each day, possibly shedding 18 kilograms in a year.

Dr. Levine works in what he calls an "office of the future." No cubicles, but plenty of exercise equipment, giving new meaning to the idea of working on weight lose