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Alcohol Poisoning Kills at Least 41 in Kenya


The death toll in Kenya from a lethal batch of illegal alcohol has risen to at least 41.

Authorities in the Machakos district south of Nairobi say another 80 people are being treated, with nine of them in critical condition in a Nairobi hospital. Several people have gone blind.

The victims drank the homemade brew at a bar in Makutano, a village some 50 kilometers south of Nairobi. Police are looking for a woman they believe sold the illegal brew.

Authorities say the drink probably contained methanol to make it more potent. Cheap, illegal alcoholic drinks, known as chang'aa, are common in Kenya. In 2000, more than 100 people died after consuming an illegal homemade drink in Nairobi.

Some information for this story provided by Reuters and AP.