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New Initiative for African Institute of Science & Technology

A new initiative is being launched Tuesday to promote development in sub-Saharan Africa through science and technology.

The initiative calls for the establishment of the Sub-Saharan African Learning Network and the African Institute of Science and Technology. It’s a joint effort involving the Nelson Mandela Institution for Knowledge Building and the Advancement of Science and Technology, the World Bank Institute and the World Bank Group-IMF African Society.

Supporters say, "The mission is in direct line with one of the key recommendations of the UK Commission for Africa Report. This report encouraged donors to make a major investment to improve Africa's capacity." They say the initiative aims to engage directly with G8 nations.

Dr. Frannie Leautier is vice-president of the World Bank Institute. She spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the development initiative. To hear or download complete interview please click on above links.