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Pakistani, Bahraini Diplomats Attacked in Baghdad


Iraqi police guard the scene around the car of Bahrain's top envoy in Iraq, Hassan Malallah al-Ansari, after he was shot in an attack in Baghdad

Pakistan's and Bahrain's top envoys to Iraq have escaped targeted attacks in Baghdad, just days after Egypt's representative in Iraq was kidnapped.

Pakistan's ambassador, Mohammed Younis Khan, was unharmed Tuesday after a security team fought off his attackers. Pakistan says the ambassador will be temporarily moved to Amman, Jordan.

Earlier, Bahrain's top diplomat in Baghdad, Hassan Malallah Al Anasari, was shot in the hand by gunmen. Bahraini officials say the ambush was a failed kidnapping attempt.

And Russia said Tuesday that two cars belonging to its embassy in Baghdad were attacked Sunday on the dangerous airport road. A spokesman said officials did not believe the envoys were deliberately targeted.

The terrorist group al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility today for Saturday's kidnapping of Egypt's top envoy in Baghdad, Ihab al-Sharif. The authenticity of the Internet statement could not be verified.

There also were reports that several Iraqi civilians and soldiers were killed in attacks around Baghdad.

Some information for this report provided by AP and AFP.