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Ugandan Parliamentarian Draws Ire of Army

In Uganda – a disagreement over the role of MPs appointed by the military. The military selects 10 members of the 276-seat National Assembly. Last week, one of them, Colonel Fred Bogere, broke ranks with the nine other military MPs. He abstained from supporting a proposed constitutional amendment that would drop term limits on the presidency. The change would allow President Yoweri Museveni to run for a third term. Mr. Museveni has been president since 1986, having come to power through military force.

From Kampala, English to Africa reporter Herbert Were tells VOA’s William Eagle that the army has threatened to discipline Colonel Bogere, but his civilian colleagues in parliament have come to his defense. Last month, another senior army officer, Brigadier Henry Tumukunde, was forced to resign from parliament for opposing the end of term limits for the presidency.