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US Announces Capture of al-Qaida Suspects

The U.S. military says coalition forces have captured two high-ranking al-Qaida militants, including one suspected in the kidnapping and murder of Egypt's ambassador to Iraq earlier this month.

Undated photograph released Thursday, by U.S. Army, shows Khamis Farhan Khalaf Abd al-Fahdawi, known as Abu Seba
A statement released Thursday, says the suspects - an alleged terror cell leader widely known as Abu Abdul Aziz, and another militant, Abu Seba - were captured last week in Baghdad and Ramadi.

Authorities say Abu Seba is suspected in the death of Egyptian Ambassador Ihab al-Sherif, and for the failed attacks on diplomats from Pakistan and Bahrain. Al-Qaida in Iraq said the Egyptian envoy was killed July 6.

Meanwhile, two suicide bombers in Baghdad blew themselves up outside the city's heavily fortified main government compound. One civilian was reported killed, while several police officers and civilians were wounded. A third suspect was captured.

To the north, authorities say three police were killed in an attack near the oil city of Kirkuk.