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Mubarak to Seek Fifth Term as Egypt's President

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced his bid to run in the country's first-ever multi-candidate elections on September 7.

Mr. Mubarak, 77, made the widely anticipated announcement Thursday, pledging sweeping reforms, including replacing emergency laws with new anti-terrorism legislation.

Egypt's opposition has slammed Mr. Mubarak's candidacy for a fifth, six-year term, saying he has failed to approve true democratic reform during his 24 years in office.

Many opposition parties plan to boycott the vote, saying registration conditions are so strict that no viable opponent can enter the race.

Mr. Mubarak's most prominent rival, Ayman Nour, Thursday called on Mr. Mubarak to immediately abolish the emergency laws.

Critics say the laws, in place since 1981, curb public freedom and allow for detention without charge.