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Chavez Foes March for Fair Elections in Venezuela

Opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez marched through the streets of Caracas Saturday to demand a fair and legitimate vote during next Sunday's local elections.

The protesters say they are concerned the August 7 vote will be plagued by irregularities favoring Mr. Chavez's ruling party. The protesters are demanding anti-fraud measures be put in place, including an independent audit of the vote.

Some supporters of the president threw rocks and bottles at the marchers. Police blocked the crowd of at least 1,000 protesters from reaching the electoral council's office where they had planned to hand over a list of demands.

Mr. Chavez's opponents say he is ruling Venezuela like a dictator, and have accused him of rigging last year's referendum of his rule, although international observers endorsed results of the vote.

Some information for this report provided by AP and Reuters.