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Coalition and Afghan Security Forces Kill More Than 100 Militants

U.S. military officials in Afghanistan say that in the past three weeks coalition and Afghan forces have killed more than 100 insurgents across the country. They say anti-militant operations have been intensified to increase security before the September 18 landmark legislative elections.

A U.S. military spokeswoman, Lieutenant Cindy Moore, says the insurgents were killed in fighting in the Deh Chopan area of southern Zabul province and the eastern Kunar region of Afghanistan, where guerillas of the former Taleban regime are most active.

"ANA (Afghan National Army) and coalition forces continue to aggressively establish enduring security," she said. "In operations in the vicinity of Deh Chopan approximately 65 enemy combatants were killed. Over 40 enemy combatants were killed in Kunar province as Afghan security forces and coalition forces have relentlessly sought out enemy combatants."

Taleban insurgents killed four American soldiers and wounded three others in an attack in the Deh Chopan region on Sunday. A total of 14 U.S. soldiers have reportedly been killed in Afghanistan this month.

Stepped up attacks by Taleban guerrillas and other militant forces in Afghanistan have left hundreds of people dead in the past six months.

As part of efforts to enhance security before the parliamentary elections, coalition and Afghan forces have been trying to crack down on the militants, who are mainly holed up in the south and east of the country.

The United States is leading a 20,000-strong international force in Afghanistan fighting Taleban and militants of the al-Qaida terror network. Another 10,000-strong NATO-led peacekeeping force is also helping with security for the September 18 parliamentary elections.