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UNHCR to Visit Refugee Camps in Sudan, Chad

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees begins a 10-day visit to Sudan, Chad and Kenya Monday to visit refugee camps and meet with government officials.

High Commissioner Antonio Guterres is to arrive first in Khartoum Monday and meet with Sudanese and U.N. officials. He heads to Sudan's western Darfur region on Tuesday, where he will visit camps and talk with local officials and the African Union peacekeeping force.

In Chad, he will visit other camps and then go to southern Sudan to look into arrangements for returning refugees.

Some six million people fled Sudan's 21-year civil war. The U.N. agency is caring for about 200,000 Sudanese refugees in Chad, who were made homeless by the separate conflict in western Darfur.

Mr. Guterres will wind up his trip with a visit to Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp.