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Bush Calls Disaster Conditions 'Unacceptable'

President Bush, leaving the White House Friday to tour New Orleans and other affected Gulf Coast areas, said tons of food and water are on the way. He called the disaster conditions unacceptable.

Later in Alabama, he thanked rescue worker for their efforts to save lives, restore order and bring aid to the victims. He said any mistakes that have been made will be made right.

The president travels next to neighboring Louisiana, where tens of thousands of people remain stranded in worsening sanitary conditions. Many have been without food, water or medicine for days.

Meanwhile, the White House is responding to criticism about the pace of the Federal response to hurricane Katrina. White House spokesman Scott McClellan says the president remains deeply concerned about people who are suffering in the region. He says the president was concerned about those people even before the hurricane hit.

There has been some criticism, from the mayor of New Orleans specifically. President Bush was scheduled to meet the mayor during his visit to New Orleans Friday.

Mr. McClellan said the president is aware of the mayor's comments, he looks forward to seeing him and, according to Mr. McClellan, the president says he understands this is a very difficult and trying time for a lot of people.