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After Katrina, Salvation Army Feeds And Clothes Tens Of Thousands


Among the many relief organizations helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina is the well-known faith-based charity organization the Salvation Army. Major Dalton Cunningham is with the Salvation Army. From Jackson, Mississippi, he spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about relief operations going on in that southern city.

He says, “We’re staging a lot of work. There’s still disaster work even in this area, a lot of homes that were destroyed in certain areas and communities, so we’re feeding and serving in this community. We’re using it as a staging area to deploy all of our canteens and personnel into the three states that are affected…We’ve given out well over 100,000 articles of clothing so far in the areas. We’ve served probably close to 400,000 meals by now in the three areas. We’re providing spiritual counseling, pastoral support.”

Asked about the condition of the storm survivors, Maj. Cunningham says they’re often “emotionally devastated.” He says sometimes Salvation Army workers just put their arms around them and tell them that they are loved.

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