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Palestinian Gunman Kill Former Security Chief in Gaza


Palestinian gunmen shot dead former Gaza security chief, Moussa Arafat, early Wednesday. The incident is likely to further heighten fears of lawlessness and rampant violence in Gaza, as Israeli forces prepare to end their presence there.

Witnesses say dozens of gunmen stormed the home of the former Gaza security chief, early Wednesday morning, and shot him dead in front of his wife, before dumping his body into the street.

Moussa Arafat was a cousin of the late Yasser Arafat and had served as the head of

Palestinian military intelligence in the 1990's. He was appointed Gaza's security chief in 2004. He had survived earlier attempts on his life.

Allegations of corruption had tarnished his image and left him unpopular among many average Palestinians, as well as several armed factions. He was removed from his post as Gaza's security chief, earlier this year, by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who kept him on as a special security advisor.

Mr. Abbas has called a meeting of his top security officers. Palestinian security forces have been placed on high alert.