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Musicians Hold Concert to Raise Money For Victims of Hurricane

The music community is trying to do its part for the relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Dozens of American musicians have been holding benefit concerts across the country to raise money. And millions of Americans are digging deep into their pockets to show support.

The Dave Matthews Band and the Neville Brothers were in Denver, Colorado for a concert stop when they decided to hold another concert purely to raise money for hurricane relief.

Tickets sold for up to a $1,000 … not too expensive for some concertgoers, who were happy to help. "We wanted to donate money and we felt like somehow this Dave Matthews Band concert was the way to do it," one said.

Attendees also brought canned goods and other items to donate. Several dozen evacuees from New Orleans were given free tickets.

The Neville Brothers, who are from New Orleans, played music from their hometown as a tribute.

Robert Palmer, an evacuee says, "It just thrills me to here in a place I've never been before and to be able to hear the New Orleans music -- it is like being home for a short moment in time."

It's expected that the concert will raise about $1 million. Other artists who have participated in various benefit concerts include U2 and Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow and Kanye West.