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Water Overruns New Orleans Levee as Hurricane Rita Passes by Gulf City


There is new flooding in a section of the southern U.S. city of New Orleans, which was already devastated by massive flooding several weeks ago.

The Army Corp of Engineers says water is overrunning one of the city's levees, sending water into the low-lying Ninth Ward neighborhood. The area is said to be vacated.

Officials say water is pouring over at least three sections of the levee and that the water has risen higher and faster than anticipated as a result of Hurricane Rita.

Engineers have been draining New Orleans and working to repair damaged levees since Hurricane Katrina blew through the city three weeks ago.

Poor weather conditions, particularly the strong winds caused by the outer bands of Hurricane Rita, makes helicopter entry into the Ninth Ward area too dangerous. Military leaders are giving some consideration to using boats to get into the area to assess the situation.

Some information for this report provided by AP and AFP.