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Boeing and Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

Workers and management for U.S. airplane manufacturer Boeing have reached a tentative agreement that could end a three-week strike that shut down production.

Leaders of the union representing Boeing's machinists (the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) urged 18,000 members to accept the three-year deal, saying it will address key issues such as health care premiums and pension payouts.

Under the deal, pension payouts for union members would increase to $70 per month for every year served - a $10 increase over the current rate.

Boeing officials say there will be no change to its current health care plan. But workers could receive an eight percent signing bonus if the agreement is ratified.

Thousands of union members began the strike against the nation's largest commercial airline manufacturer on September 2. They are set to vote on the deal on Thursday.

Some information is this story provided by AP and AFP.