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Hurricane Stan Blamed for 160 Deaths in Mexico, Central America

Authorities in Mexico and in several Central American countries say the death toll from Hurricane Stan has now surpassed 160.

Guatemalan President Oscar Berger has confirmed the death of 79 people in his country, while his Salvadoran counterpart Tony Saca said 65 people there lost their lives.

The hurricane has also claimed at least nine lives in Nicaragua and at least eight in Mexico.

Stan made landfall on Mexico's eastern Gulf Coast on Tuesday, knocking down trees and ripping the roofs off houses with winds of 130 kilometers per hour.

Rivers also burst their banks in southern Mexico, washing away bridges and ripping apart houses and buildings.

Forecasters say the storm is now a tropical depression and dissipating over the mountains of southeastern Mexico, but they warn it is still capable of producing additional heavy rains and flooding.