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Bulldozers Clearing Access to Blocked Villages in Quake Zone

Landslides from the massive earthquake that shook the divided region of Kashmir have cut off several villages, hampering aid efforts both on the Pakistan and on the Indian side of the line of control.

I am standing on the side of a road, watching two bulldozers try to push tons of earth and rock off the road into a nearby ravine, where the landslide has made this road impassable.

This is the town of Jula. It is about 200 kilometers outside Kashmir's summer capital, Srinigar, and it is literally where the road ends. Humanitarian assistance has gotten through to Jula and a larger town nearby, called Uri, but no one has been able to get past this point, because of the landslide.

Some of the aid workers I have spoken to here, local Kashmiri groups, say that they have been talking to people who have been walking out of the affected areas, past the landslide, and they estimate that there are thousands of people there in need of urgent medical assistance, and, perhaps, thousands who have died there. But, so far, no one has been able to get there. So, there is very little information coming out.