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Pope's Children's Festival Draws Over 100,000


Pope Benedict has held his first major children's festival at the Vatican, drawing a crowd estimated at over 100,000.

Children and their parents filled Saint Peter's Square for an afternoon ceremony with Pope Benedict. As he arrived in the square in his pope mobile, the children cheered, danced and waved flags.

Pope Benedict had called all the children who made their First Communion in 2005 to join him for a special gathering. And they turned out in large numbers. The pope answered questions by the children about the Eucharist.

One young boy asked him the meaning of Eucharist adoration, and the pope told him that adoration is recognizing that Jesus is the Lord, who shows the way.

Before leaving, he wished them a happy Sunday.

Thank you, the pope said to them. "Thank you for this feast of faith. Thank you for this meeting between us and with Jesus."

The children sang and prayed together. A group of clowns was present to provide entertainment for them. The crowd was festive, and to many it was a reminder of the large crowds that Pope John Paul II was known to gather at his rallies with young people.