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Liberian Presidential Hopeful, George Weah, Ponders Moving War-torn Nation Forward


Firmly in the lead in Liberia's first post-war presidential elections, George Weah says his thoughts are now focused on how to move his shattered nation forward.

In an interview with VOA, the former soccer (football) star turned presidential hopeful says if elected, he will bring together experts and those who have a stake in bringing peace and stability to Liberia.

He said he is looking for people who are willing to address the plight of Liberians. He says people are hungry and in need of schools and jobs.

Mr. Weah told VOA that although he is not a politician by profession, he is a politician by birth. He called himself a patriot who has worked hard in the interest of the people.

As for Liberia's 14 year of civil war that ended only two years ago, Mr. Weah would only say that "the past is the past."